Rape-Related Pregnancy and Pregnancy Loss



This website is a personal gift for someone I’ve never met, but who I know is wise,  brave, loving and strong.  Her name is Daniella, a feminine form of Daniel, a prophet in the Bible who was thrown into a lions’ den but survived.  If you’ve survived being raped and becoming pregnant as a result (and if you’re reading this you have survived even if you can't feel it yet) this site is for you.  I’ll share my own experiences and what I’ve learned from others online, and I’ll provide links to support and information.  If you’re a man who’s been raped and whose rapist, or someone you were forced to have sex with, became pregnant, I write from a female perspective because that’s the only one I know, but I hope you’ll feel welcome here and find something useful in the site.  If you’re a partner, family member or friend of someone who is, or has been, pregnant through rape, I hope you’ll find something useful here as well.  All of you are close to my heart.  With gentle good wishes,




I'm really sorry I can't maintain all the links on this website.  I hope any broken ones still provide terms you can use to search the internet for the original page or one with similar information. 


The removal of advertisements and extra page allowance on this site is sponsored by my sister.  I feel really honoured that she thinks it's worth it. Thanks heaps, my excellent buddy.  You and I.


Many thanks also to my long-suffering husband who's been patient and supportive, and his usual amazing self, while I've worked on this site.

lease be aware that this site contains strong emotional content, which you may find distressing.  If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, remember you can take a break and come back later and you can also use the contact numbers and crisis links here to find personal support, help and information.

The information and links here are no substitute for professional legal or medical advice.  If you need advice please consult your doctor, health-care professional or lawyer.