Rape-Related Pregnancy and Pregnancy Loss

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Eating Disorders and Pregnancy - see also Body Image, Nutrition and Recommended Nutritional Supplements During Pregnancy, and Nutritionists:
About 20% of Pregnant Women Have Eating Disorders

Rape and Eating Disorders 
Eating Disorders and Pregnancy
Information on Eating Disorders  
Pandora's Aquarium Eating Disorders Forum
After Silence Eating Disorders Forum.

Early Baby Care - see also After Birth, Breastfeeding, Breastfeeding and Returning to Work, Sleep:
Information About Early Baby Care
Information About Support Services

Educational Assistance - see also Balancing Study and/or Work and Family, Financial Assistance and Educational Scholarships, Going Back to Secondary Education, Study Tips, Secondary School and Tertiary Education:
The Smith Family offers educational support
BoysTown Mentor-One Mentoring Program - Boystown also operate KidsHelpline, which might help you find the right person to talk to (see the Crisis Links page here).
St Vincent de Paul's Children's Education Fund 
Australia's Youth Mentoring Program 
Mission Australia Pathways Through a Successful Youth Program
Salvation Army
Your local Lions Club, Rotary Club, Apex Club, Kiwanis Club, and Freemason's may be able to help with financial assistance or tutoring from one of their volunteers.

Emergencies - see also the Crisis Links page here and Safety Planning:
What to Say When You Make an Emergency Call in Australia 
What to Say When You Make an Emergency Call and Ask for an Ambulance in Australia
What to Say When You Make an Emergency Call and Ask for Police in Australia 
What to Say When You Make an Emergency Call and Ask for Fire Brigade in Australia 
Making Emergency Calls in Australia - includes how to call if you're on a mobile phone, are unable to speak or are hearing impaired.
Australian National Relay Service Emergency Calls
Information about Emergency Numbers and a List for Many Different Countries 
What to Say and Do When You Make an Emergency Call in the US - includes information on how to deal with hostage situations.

Emergency Contraception:
About Emergency Contraception 
Emergency Contraception - Australia 
American Civil Liberties Union Preventing Pregnancy Through Rape 

Emotions During Pregnancy - see also Anger, Coping Skills, Fear During Pregnancy, Depression, Disappointment and Violation:
Emotions During Pregnancy 
Becoming a Parent: The Emotional Journey Through Pregnancy and Childbirth
Healing Mind, Healthy Woman: Using the MInd-Body Connection to Manage Stress and Take Control of Your Life by Alice D. Domar, Ph. D. and Henry Dreher

Emotions and Children - see also Anger, Coping Skills, Depression, Disappointment, Fear During Pregnancy and Separation Anxiety:
Wishing Wellness: A Workbook for Children of Parents With Mental Illness 
A Terrible Thing Happened: A Story for Children Who Have Witnessed Trauma or Violence 
Why Are You So Sad? A Child's Book About Parental Depression 
Why is Mommy Sad?  A Child's Guide to Parental Depression 
Mommy Stayed in Bed This Morning: Helping Children Understand Depression 
Sometimes My Mommy Gets Angry
Explaining Anxiety to Kids - you might be able to use some of these techniques to explain your own anxiety too
When Fuzzy Was Afraid of Big and Loud Things
Up and Down the Worry Hill: A Children's Book about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and its Treatment 
Parenting Programs for Pre-Schoolers and Anxious Parents   
Sea Otter Cove: A Relaxation Story Introducing Deep Breathing to Decrease Stress and Anger While Promoting Peaceful Sleep 
Bubble Riding: A Relaxation Story Designed to Help Children Increase Creativity While Lowering Stress and Anxiety Levels  
When My Worries Get Too Big!  A Relaxation Book for Children Who Live With Anxiety 
What to Do When You're Scared and Worried: A Guide for Kids  
When I'm Feeling Scared 
A Volcano in My Tummy: Helping Children to Handle Anger 
Anger Management Games for Children 
Angry Octopus: An Anger Management Story, Introducing Active Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Deep Breathing
Many other books by Lori Lite for helping children relax and learn to manage their emotions
Drawing Together to Learn about Feelings
and other Drawing Together books by Marge Eaton Heegaard.

Emotions and Children, Parent's - see also Coping Skills, Fear During Pregnancy, Parents, Looking After Yourself and Your Relationships, Parents, Transition to Being:
Depression in Pregnant Women and Mothers: How Children are Affected

The Effects of Parental Depression on Children

Depression in Children: Treat the Mother, Treat the Child

Parental Depression and Children's Development Outcomes: The Mediating Influence of Parenting Behaviour
Hand-Me-Down Blues: How to Stop Depression From Spreading in Families
COPMI Resources for Young Children, Older Children, Teenagers and Parents 
The Anxious Parent
Raising Children Network: Feeling Anxious

Parents - What Can We Do? How to Handle Anger
VIC Better Health: Anger - How it Affects People
Anger: Buddhist Wisdom for Cooling the Flames
The Dance of Anger 
Raising Children Network: Feeling Angry

Entrustment Ceremony - see Adoption, Birthmother's Experiences and, 

Exercise During Pregnancy:
Exercise During Pregnancy 
VIC Better Health Channel - Pregnancy and Exercise
Bicycle Victoria - Cycling and Pregnancy and General Information about Exercise in Pregnancy

Sports Medicine Australia Guidelines on Exercise in Pregnancy
Pregnancy Exercises Dos and Don'ts
Getting Fit During Pregnancy
The Pregnancy Centre on Exercise
Pregnancy Exercise Classes - Local Classes and Trainers - Australia
Online Pregnancy Exercise DVDs and Products
Pilates in Pregnancy

Exercise Groups:
Active Mums - Sydney
JumpStart Outdoor Training - Sydney
Kidspot Directory of Exercise Groups for Pregnant or New Mother


False Memories - see Amnesia.

Family Counselling - see also Children and Teenagers, Help for, Difficult Conversations, How to Have, Parents, Help for, Partners, Help for, and Pregnancy Loss, Talking to Other Children About:
Relationships Australia 
Relationships Australia Online Counselling Service
Relationship Services NZ
Find a Counsellor Near You - UK
Relationships Scotland
American Association for Family and Marital Counselling - Therapist Locator
Good Therapy: Canada Counseling Directory

Family Dynamics - see also Difficult Conversations, How to Have, Listening, Missing Your Father's Support and Missing Your Mother's Support:
Family Dynamics from Strong Bonds - Building Family Connections - Jesuit Social Services    Tips and Advice on Building a Healthy Parent-Grandparent Relationships
Emotional Boundaries in Relationships 
Understanding Family Structures and Dynamics
Dysfunctional Families  
Understanding Abusive Families: An Ecological Approach to Theory and Practice
Adult Children of Abusive Parents 
Adult Children: The Secrets of Dysfunctional Families 
Birth Order and Family Dynamics  
The Betrayal Bond Breaking Free from Exploitative Relationships    
Parenting From the Inside Out 
How to Explain Estranged Family to A Child After Child Abuse 
Healing from Family Rifts - doesn't assume all rifts should be mended, and gives advice on how to recover from any outcome.
Expanding My Blended Family 
Helping Your Child Accept a New Baby

Family Planning, Australia - see also Deciding What to Do About an Unplanned Pregnancy, Pregnancy Options and Sexual Health.

Fathers - see Children, Biological Father's Access to,

Fathers, Information and Support for New - see also Bonding with Your Baby and Partners, Help for:
New Fathers Adjusting to Fatherhood: Information for Dads About Parenting, Post-Partum Depression, Preemie Babies, Single Fathering, Gay Fathers, Depression in Fathers, Infertility, Fathers and Breastfeeding etc. 
Pregnancy and Birth Information for Expectant Dads
Pre-Natal Services for New Dads-to-Be   
New Fathers Meet-Up Groups Around the World 
Support for Stay-at-Home Dads 
Online Support for New Dads 
Pub Workshops for Learner Dads from DadSquad
Common Fears for Fathers 
Positive Things for Dads-to-Be 
From Here to Paternity: The Diary of a Pregnant Man
From Here to Paternity: A User's Manual for Early Fatherhood  
5 Ways You Can Help With Morning Sickness 
Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation Great Dads: Trust, Leadership and Self-Esteem 
Fathers Online
Advice for New Dads
New Dads Resources
Dad's Pregnant Too: Expectant Fathers, Expectant Mothers, New Dads and New Moms Share Advice Tips and Stories About All the Surprises, Questions and Joys Ahead 
Raising Children Network: For Fathers 
New Parenthood and Sleep Deprivation
AskBaby: Coping With Sleepless Nights 
Parental Leave International Information
BabyCenter: Paternity Leave - What Are The Options for Dads - US

Fear During Pregnancy - see also Coping Skills:
Fearless Pregnancy: Wisdom and Reassurance from a Doctor, a Midwife and a Mom
Information and Exercises for Managing Fear and Anxiety

Pandora's Aquarium Links to Free Downloadable Recordings of Guided Imagery and Relaxation Exercises
Rainbow Hope: Useful Relaxation Exercises
The Fear Book: Facing Fear Once and For All by Cheri Huber
Fear - Placing a Child for Adoption: Birthmothers Share their Thoughts

Financial Assistance and Educational Scholarships - see also Balancing Study and/or Work with Family, Educational Assistance and Study Tips:
Studying Parents to Receive Childcare Support
Directory of Financial Assistance for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education in Australia
List of Educational Scholarships 
Australian Scholarships Network
Aboriginal Education Council Scholarships 
Education Foundation Scholarships  
SupportLine UK - Problems with Education
High School Scholarships in the US and Canada 
Single Parent Student Loan Programs - US
How to Apply for Single Parent Student Loans - US
College Scholarships for Single Parents
– US
The Scholarship Process for Single Parents
- US

Fistula Care Organisations:
Christian Blind Mission
UN Campaign to End Fistula 
Dr Hamlin and the Obstetric Fistula Hospital in Addis Abbaba

Fitness - see Birth, Effects of Sexual Assault on Pregnancy, Parenting and, Body Image and Pregnancy, Eating Disorders and Pregnancy, Exercise During Pregnancy, Preparing for Pregnancy.

Flashbacks, Coping With - see also Body Memories, Coping Skills, Cues, Dissociation, Regression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder:
Building Communication During Flashbacks
Grounding and Stabilizing Techniques After Flashbacks 
Grounding Techniques 
Containment from Pandora's Aquarium
Coping Skills for Trauma  . Cop
Coping Resources Pages from Pandora's Aquarium

Forced Abortion - see Loss Through Assault.

Foster Care - see also Foster Parents, Information For Prospective:
VIC Department of Children, Youth and Families - Foster Care 
NSW Department of Community Services - Foster Care
QLD Department of Child Safety - Foster Care 
SA Department of Families and Communities - Foster Care 
WA Department for Child Protection - Foster Care 
TAS Department of Health and Human Services - Foster Care  
ACT Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services - Foster Care
NT Department of Health and Families - Foster Care

NZ Child, Youth and Families in the Ministry of Social Development - Foster Care 
Your Local Foster Care Association

Foster Parents, Information for Prospective:
VIC Better Health Channel - Foster Care
Australian Foster Care Association
VIC Better Health Channel - Permanent Care Issues to Consider
VIC Better Health Channel - Permanent Care Can Be Challenging
Mercy Foster Care Australia - Becoming A Foster Carer
SA Department for Families and Communities - Steps to Become A Foster Carer

Friends, Help for - see also Child Abuse, Helping Someone, Children and Teenagers, Help for, Domestic Violence, Helping Someone, Grief, Helping Someone, Listening, Secondary Trauma, Rape, Helping Someone, Termination of Pregnancy, Helping Someone:
Rape Treatment Centre: How to Help a Friend
So Someone Tells You They've Been Raped
What Can You Do if Someone You Know Has Been Raped?

Hope for Healing: When a Friend Becomes a Victim of Rape
Helping a Friend: What Can You Do?
Information for Partners, Families and Friends

Friendship and Support for New Parents - see also Childcare, Fathers, Information and Support for New, Mother's Groups and Playgroup:
How to Build Your Own Support Network 
Support Strategies for New Parents 
VIC Better Health Channel Childbirth - Help for Women from Overseas
Multicultural Mental Health Australia - Support for New Mums and Dads.
Australian Breastfeeding Association - Helpline and Volunteering Info. 
Active Mums
- Sydney
JumpStart Outdoor Training - Sydney
Kidspot Directory of Exercise Groups for Pregnant or New Mothers 
Kidspot New Mothers Support Groups 
Mothers Group Australia
Playgroup Australia
Families NSW Supported Playgroups
NSW Family Support Services Directory

Salvation Army Community and Family Support Australia
Marymead Family Support Parenting Network Australia
Aboriginal Family Support Services Australia
Mission Australia - Pathways to Strong Families and Happy Healthy Children
Parenting and Family Meetup Groups - US and International search function
Kidspot NZ

Kidsguide - UK
Family Support Services and Respite Care, Crisis Nurseries etc. - US