Rape-Related Pregnancy and Pregnancy Loss

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Talking - see Difficult Conversations and Listening.

Teddies - see Comforting Teddies.

Teenage Mothers - see also Children and Teenagers, Help for, Maternity T-shirts, Respecting Young Mothers and Teenage Parenting:
Videos of Teenagers Giving Birth 
Personal Story of A Teenage Mother 
National Teenage Pregnancy Midwifery Network in the UK
Teenage Pregnancy, Challenges
Support for Teenage Mothers 
Young Pregnant and Parenting

Teenage Parenting - see also Balancing Study and/or Work with Pregnancy and Parenting, Children and Teenagers, Help for, Parenting Skills Topics, Pregnancy Support Services:
Life in the Fast Lane: Teenage Parenting
Parenting As a Teenager 
Teenage Mums 
Pathways Into Parenthood
- a report on the experiences of teenage mothers and fathers.
Positive Experiences of Teenage Mothers
Young Pregnant and Parenting

Telling - see Announcing Your Pregnancy (Includes Announcing it at Work and Negotiating Maternity Leave) and Difficult Conversations.

Termination of Pregnancy:
Austalian Laws on Pregnancy Termination 
Marie Stopes International - information and termination services.
Pre-Abortion Yahoo Support Group
- for women thinking about terminating their pregnancies. Online Support Group - for women thinking about termination or who've had a termination.
A Heart-Breaking Choice
- for mothers who've had to end their pregnancies due to serious health problems.
Risks of Termination - Sifted Links
After Abortion - online support group for women who've had terminations.
Post Abortion Support Message Board 
After Abortion Support Pages and Message Board
Peace after Abortion Author webpage

Option Line - After an Abortion

Termination of Pregnancy, Ethics and Spiritual Aspects of - see also Termination of Pregnancy, Termination of Pregnancy, Helping Someone, and Termination of Pregnancy, Risks of:
Religion and Abortion
Jewish Perspectives on Abortion
Jewish Beliefs About Abortion
Abortion in Jewish Law
Islam and Abortion from BBC Religion and Ethics pages

Hinduism and Abortion from BBC Religion and Ethics pages
Buddhism and Abortion from BBC Religion and Ethics pages
The Concept of Duress - the Catholic Church's Position on Suicide
History of Catholic Thought on Abortion
Project Rachel

Termination of Pregnancy, Helping Someone - see also Coping Skills, Deciding What to Do About an Unplanned Pregnancy, Emergency Contraception, Friends, Helping, Grief, Helping Someone Through, Listening, Parents, Help for, Partners, Help for, Pregnancy Testing and Secondary Trauma:
Ways to Support Someone Through Abortion, Whether You Agree with Them or Not

Termination of Pregnancy, Risks of
- see also Anger, Depression, Emotions, Fear, Grief, Memorial Topics, Pregnancy Loss, Helping Someone, Premature Birth and Termination, Helping Someone:
Immediate Risks and How to Manage Them
Balanced Discussion of the Risks  
Percentage Odds for Risks
VIC Better Health Channel - Terminations in First Trimester Safer Than Birth
WA's Statistics for 2004 - 95% of Abortions are in First Trimester 
91.1% in the first 14 weeks in South Australia - national statistics aren't available.
US CDC's surveillancs 88% in First Trimeste UK Family Planning Association 90% in First Trimester
Terminations in First-Trimester
- 88.7% US, 89% UK 
Study Linking Death from All Causes with Records of Pregnancy Events in the Prior 12 Months  Finnish Study on Death Rates from Natural Causes and Among Women Pregnant in the Previous Year 
Another Finnish Study from 2005 
Californian study by David C. Reardon - this paper is commonly cited but I'm doubtful about it's reliability.
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIW) Maternal Death Rates and Causes of Death

Deaths from Termination of Pregnancy in UK,
including Problems with General Anaesthetic
US and Canada Surveillance Systems for Maternal Deaths Due to Terminations

Termination of Pregnancy and Miscarriage Rates
German study on Termination of Pregnancy and Pre-Term Births
US study Associates Number of Preceding Terminations with Increased Risks of Pre-Term Birth
Time Magazine Article Examining reliability of the US Study  
Overview of Different Studies in 2009
Danish study on prematurity
WHO Fact Sheet 240, Induced Abortion Does Not Increase Risk of Breast Cancer, 2000  Outcome of Workshop Conducted by the US National Cancer Institute, 2003
Findings of the Collaborative Group on Hormonal Factors in Breast Cancer, 2004
American Cancer Society - Can Having an Abortion Cause or Contribute to Breast Cancer? Risks of Denying a Termination 
Emotional Risks of Termination Seem Greater When A Woman Has a Past History of Pyschiatric Illness, Poor Social Support, is Younger, Belongs to a Social or Cultural Group That's Against Termination or is is Pregnant with More than One Fetus, which has a higher rate of failure of the procedure itself. 
2006 American Pscyhological Society Report of Task Force on Mental Health and Abortion - Says No Added Risk

Most Reliable Scientific Opinions on Mental Health and Termination of Pregnancy 
Large British Study on Mental Health and Pregnancy Termination
Critical Analysis of Studies Suuporting "Post-Abortion Syndrome" 
Balanced View of What You Might Expect to Feel After a Surgical Termination 
Marie Stopes International can provide referrals for post-abortion counselling.
Common for Women to Experience Grief and Loss After Termination, But this Doesn't Usually Develop into Long-Term Mental Health Problems

Tertiary Education - see also Adult Learning, Balancing Study and/or Work with Family, Educational Assistance, Financial Assistance, Going Back to Work or Study After Having a Baby, Returning to Work Blues, Secondary School, Study Tips:
VIC Better Health Channel: Mature Age Students
VIC Better Health Channel: Tertiary Studies - Settling In

VIC Better Health Channel: Tertiary Studies - Managing Stress
VIC Better Health Channel: Tertiary Studies - Time Management 
Freshest on Campus: Tackling University Study in Your 40s Can Be Daunting Writes Mary Costello 
Returning to Nursing After an Extended Absence
Good Uni Guide: Information for Mature-Age Students 
Open Universities Australia
For information about childcare services, see the website of (or contact) your chosen university, TAFE or college. 
Most tertiary institutions have student's associations, which can give you lots of helpful information.  For example the ANU Student's Association or Post-Graduate and Research Student's Association (PARSA).
The Becoming Dr Mum Project - a study about the experience of combining higher degree research with early motherhood
For information about courses, see the websites of the universities, TAFEs or colleges you're interested in. You might also find this Admission Guide for Post-Graduate School in Australia and this page on PhD Programs in Australia useful.
Wikipedia: The Open University - UK
The Open University
Northern College - Good Practice in Teaching and Learning - UK
Educating Mom
Should You Go Back to School?
- US
Thinking of Going Back to School
- US
Moms Under 30 Want to Go Back to School and Change Careers
– US
A Viable Option: Going Back to School for the Older Adult
Adults Going Back to School - Fitting In 
Advice for Single Parent Students  
The Mentor: Advising the Single Parent College Student
Single Parent Students 
Single Parent Program at Durham Technical Community College - US
Edison State College Single Parent Program
- US
Berkeley Single Parent Students
- US

Therapy - see Counselling.

Torture Survivor Support Organisations - see also Memorial Donations for Pregnancy and Neonatal Loss:
Forum of Australian Services for Survivors of Torture and Trauma
REDRESS - UK Organisation Seeking Reparation for Torture Survivors

Survivors of Torture International
Centre for Justice and Accountability (Supporting Survivors of Torture)

Transition to Being Parents - see Parents, Transition to Being, see also Coping Skills, Parents, Looking After Yourself and Your Relationships.

Traumatic Birth Experiences - see Birth Experiences, Traumatic, Pregnancy Complications, Pregnancy Loss, and Post-Natal Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Triggers - see Cues, Flashbacks and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Trying to Get Pregnant - see Infertility, Infertility Treatments, Mothers, Older, Overweight, Planned Pregnancy, Prenatal Care and Preparing for Pregnancy.

T-shirts - see Maternity T-shirt Ideas, Children and Teenagers, Help for.

Unfair Dismissal - see Discrimination.

Vaginal Birth After Caesarian (VBAC):
The Decision to Have a Vaginal Birth After a Caesarian (VBAC)
Mayo Clinic Vaginal Birth After Caesarian (VBAC) Guide

VBAC or Repeat C-Section?
Vaginal Birth After Caesarian - What to Expect

Vicarious Trauma - see Secondary Trauma.

Violation - see Genetics.

Violence During Pregnancy - see also the Crisis Links page here, Domestic Violence, Emergencies, Pregnancy Support Services, Reporting and Safety Planning:
Violence During Pregnancy 1 
Violence During Pregnancy 2

Women's Information and Referral Centres - Finding Your Local Centre.

Working During Pregnancy - see Announcing Your Pregnancy, Balancing Study and/or Work with Family, Returning to Work Blues and Working During Pregnancy:
Preparing for Pregnancy: Your Career
Pregnancy at Work (Australia) 
What to Expect: Pregnancy and Work 
Pregnancy at Work (UK) 
Dealing With Morning Sickness at Work 
Being Pregnant at Work  
Askbaby: Your Pregnancy at Work 
Pregnant at Work
About.com Pregnancy and the Workplace
Working During Pregnancy - A Healthy Me 
Stay Healthy While Working 
Work and Pregnancy
March of Dimes: Work and Pregnancy

Navigating Your Pregnancy at Work
Work and Pregnancy Do Mix - Canada
When to Stop Work 

Working Mothers: - see also Announcing Your Pregnancy, Balancing Study and/or Work with Family, Returning to Work, Returning to Work Blues and Working During Pregnancy:
Kidspot Social Balancing Family and Study: Motivation and Inspiration Group 
Practical Tips for Working Mums
Mother Who? Personal Insights and Stories on Juggling Family, Work and Life
Tips for Working Mums 
Tips for Working Mothers
5 Tips for Busy Working Mothers 
Netmums: Working and Childcare 
About Kids: Advice for Working Mothers
Children in the Modern Office
Balancing Work and Family: The Experience of Low-Income Parents 
Information for Working Mothers 
Making it Work to Work  
Juggling Career and Family   
Working Mother's Survival Guide 
42 Rules for Working Moms: Practical, Funny Advice for Achieving Work-Life Balance 
Briefcase Moms: 10 Proven Practices to Balance Working Mothers Lives
Mothers on the Fast Track: How a New Generation Can Balance Family and Careers 
Mum and Working: Part Time Jobs and Jobs Without Set Hours - UK
When Your Job and Motherhood Don't Mix 
Part Time Working Mothers and the Issue of Productivity 
Information and Advice on Working From Home Part-Time